Wasabi Blends
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 The Capt.'s blend of Wasabi with his other favorite ingredients of Ghost Pepper and Cayenne was created in honor of all the Sake he drank on one of his recent voyages.

Capt. Salty's Mild Wasabi Blend brings out the Wasabi Flavor (not really much heat) and combines it with Cayenne spicy flavor and then throws in Ghost Pepper to remind you you are eating Capt. Salty's Hot Nuts!!!!!! Have no fear Mild/Warm will not hurt you but his Hot to Hottest blends go best with your favorite beverage!!!!! 

Select Naked or Redskins and either  his 9 oz fancy Red- Wasabi Blend bag or the clear 1 LB Bag along with the temperature/blend in the Wasabi Size/Blend drop down.

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Wasabi Blends

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