Ghost Hot Nuts

Ghost Hot, The Capt's most extreme blend of Bhut Jolokia known as Ghost Pepper along with other hot peppers including Habanero, Jalapeno and Cayenne. Go Ghost with the Capt.!!!!

For even more beyond Ghost heat select the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion blend (last year's hottest pepper in the world)---ARRRGH Mateys

Select the 9 oz fancy bag or a 1 lb clear bag  Naked or Redskins

The new 9 oz fancy black bag and logo were created by the Capt. when he recently became stranded on a deserted beach in eastern Trinidad (oh yeah, thats when he found the Moruga Scorpion too). The Capt. had only a few hundred pounds of Virginia peanuts, a couple barrels of rum and various bags of his spices including his favorite, Ghost Pepper!!!!

Apparently during a rum induced frenzy the Capt. created his greatest/hottest blend ever. The old rumors about how Bhut Jolokia got it's knickname--Ghost Pepper--were proven true. Not only did the Capt. Go Ghost he took a Scorpion and a few pelicans with him!!!! At least that's how he remembers it.


And now,  just out of the Capt.'s galley- his Carolina Reaper (this years hottest pepper in the World) Blend. Select this Reaper blend and you will be eating the best tasting HOTTEST Nuts you will ever experience!!!!  Oh, the Capt. discovered the Carolina Reaper pepper when he ran ashore just off the coast of South Carolina and got lost roaming the countryside looking for rum to drink with his Ghost Nuts!!!! The last thing he remembers after mixing Ghost Pepper with Carolina Reaper Pepper is going -beyond Ghost Hot- the Reaper doesn't mess around !!!!!!!

Be careful Mateys, these are seriously hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ghost Hot Nuts

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