Cayenne Blends
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The Capt. needed a breakfast blend , so he's gone healthy!!!!!!! Cayenne adds a great flavor to his nuts in addition to being one of the most healthiest peppers. Capt. Salty has created MIld/Cayenne and Spicy Cayenne blends. Spicy Cayenne includes Jalapeno Pepper which adds even more flavor rather than heat.

 Spicy Cayenne is packaged in the Capt.'s fancy Red 9 OZ bag or 1 LB clear bag. Mild/Cayenne can be ordered in Red 9 OZ bags or 1 lb clear bags.

These Cayenne blends add a great taste/flavor to Virginia Nuts without any heat. The Capt. enjoys eating and sharing these Mild/Spicy blends but don't tell anybody. It could ruin his GHOST reputation!!!!!!!!

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Cayenne Blends

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